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GAI LISVA skirt collection online

The GAI LISVA webshop offers a wide selection of quality feminine skirts. Browse through women´s skirts in 100% cotton to soft, light viscose skirts with fine details. Our feminine skirts come with beautiful embroidery or prints and the fit is carefully constructed to conform to the curves of a woman’s body. The GAI LISVA skirt can be used for any occasion because of its feminine yet timeless look. Wear the skirt with one of our basic tops, a loose knit sweater, and a pair of leather boots, and you’re ready for work. Dress it up for a get-together by adding a shirt and a pair of pumps. Skirts are perfect for all seasons and occasions. Add a pair of GAI LISVA leggings in the winter or wear them with bare legs in the summer.

Pants for women at the official GAI LISVA webshop

In the GAI LISVA bottom category you can browse through a great selection of pants, shorts and leggings for women and girls. If you’re looking for a pair of classic pants, the GAI LISVA pants fit the bill. The black pants are an absolute must-have in any woman’s wardrobe - they go with everything. The fit complements your shape beautifully and the cut gives a comfortable, but very feminine look. Whether you’re looking for leggings to wear under a skirt, a dress or with a loose knit sweater, or you just need a comfy pair of leggings to relax in, you’re in the right place. GAI LISVA leggings are made from the highest-quality wool and viscose, which makes them soft and comfortable. The tight fit ensures a timeless , classic look. Buy your new pair of pants, leggings, or shorts online at the GAI LISVA official webshop.