A capsule closet for calm living

At GAI+LISVA we want you to enjoy moments of calm in your everyday life. A simple way of creating a calm start of the day is by creating a seasonal capsule closet. Pick a limited number of styles for the season, pieces of clothes that all go together in different outfits. That way getting dressed in the morning will be quick and effortless and you know that you will feel well-dressed throughout your day. A perfect and calm start to any morning so you can spend your time with a warm cup of tea instead of fretting in front of the closet. 
Get inspired by our capsule closet and create your own – we promise that will be the end of mornings, when you stand in front of a full closet, but feel like you have nothing to wear. Our capsule closet this Autumn is made of the shirt dress Oline, the pants Serena and Savita, our Amalie and Fermi tops, Lena leggings, the beautiful oversize knit cardigan Charlotte, our Flora bra and Gudrun panties, Laura top, the classic Shanta shirt, Mirabella knitted cap as well as our GAI+LISVA tote bag and wash bag. That is calm living!