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Our basic styles are classic, timeless and with simple, feminine details. Our wide selection of basic styles consists of tops, tees, blouses, knitwear, leggings, shirts and underwear, where 80% of the classic essentiel collection is produced in Europe. The thing all our basic styles have in common is that they can be combined and used for different occasions, again and again. Our wool from Italy is soft and light and is perfect for the slightly colder days with its tempering effect. A simple basic top underneath a t-shirt can also be extremely comfortable, just as a long-sleeved blouse or shirt can be lovely and warm underneath a knit for the colder days. 

Also, our long-sleeved blouses are perfect for yoga and mindfulness, with the soft material of a wool mix and beautiful fitting. All our basic styles are Nordic inspired, with aesthetic details and fitting. We value quality and care for the environment, which is seen in our basic styles that are produced from natural materials that embrace the calm moments in life. We work with a conscious mind and truly care about the footprints we leave behind, and we do our utmost to take good care of the environment.