GAI+LISVA HOME – beautiful items that fill your home and mind with peace and beauty

Home is where we recharge our batteries. Where we drop the facade and breathe a little more deeply. The place where we re-energise, but also where we most need the comfort and peace to recuperate and just be ourselves. That’s why our intention with our GAI+LISVA Home styles has been to give you items in soft, matt shades that oozes calm so you can fill yourself with mindfulness and positive thoughts. The dusky hues of blue, grey and greenish natural nuances mean all the styles in our home collection will have a beautiful and, not least, tranquil impact on any home. Among our home essentials you’ll find, for example, bed linen (duvet covers and pillowcases) for those really good nights that make all the difference to your wellbeing the next day, washbags for your personal care products when you need to take a little piece of home with you on the go, and, of course, home wear and nightwear to maximise your comfort after a long day at work.

GAI+LISVA home wear – comfortable, light-as-a-feather 100% organic cotton loungewear and nightwear

When it’s been a long day, when you’ve been travelling, or when you simply need to let go and heave a sigh, just slip into your soft GAI+LISVA home wear, which drapes lightly, loosely and softly around your body almost imperceptibly. The natural materials make these styles breathable, so you can wear them as comfy pants relaxing on the sofa or as nightwear when you sleep and need pure cotton that adapts to your body temperature all night long.

Luxurious bed linen in sustainable organic cotton – for nights softer than you’re dreaming of

Our ultra-soft, light-as-a-feather bed linen in pretty, dusky shades lets you sleep more comfortably than ever. Look forward to nights enveloped in the purest, softest 100% organic cotton bed linen. For warm or cold nights, GAI+LISVA’s pillowcases and duvet covers are ideal for adapting to your body heat, as the material is natural and therefore breathable. Pamper yourself with a good night’s sleep dressed in GAI+LISVA nightwear while you snuggle into your duvet covered in our amazing bed linen.

GAI+LISVA makes it easy for you to furnish your home with organic, natural materials

For all the styles we produce, it’s important to keep nature and the environment in mind, so the items you can choose from are produced under decent conditions that impact our planet as little as possible. That’s why we use only natural materials – organic and recycled. Using organic cotton reduces our consumption of water and energy, so, together, we can look after the environment. These sustainable, environmentally-aware values apply just as much to the part of GAI+LISVA responsible for designer Home as for all our other styles.