Designed to follow you - Clean Elegance

Our Ellia knit blouse is a classic, but also exudes elegance and luxury. The soft cashmere, combined with sheer style, makes the Ellia knit blouse a soft classic that will grace your wardrobe for years to come. The knit blouse has a round neckline and short sleeves.  

Transparent production

Our cashmere production partner in Prato has been working with recycled cashmere for 21 years. The factory’s main expertise is in recycling secondhand cashmere tops and accessories and turning them into new cashmere yarns. Tops and accessories are collected and purchased primarily from the United States and the United Kingdom, after which they are transported to Prato, Italy, where the actual recycling process begins. Buttons, zips and other accessories are removed; the collected items are categorised by colour, and then the actual recycling process begins.  

Out partner is GRS-certified, which is our assurance that production complies with environmental and social responsibility criteria throughout all stages of the production chain. GRS-certified products made from recycled materials.