Miriam Swartz

Miriam Swartz



Miriam describes herself as an energetic, healthy and insanely strong girl full of zest and energy that is kept grounded through her contact with nature. As a yoga instructor her classes are open-minded and embraces the different yoga traditions. She is very inspired by the mythology and philosophy of yoga where she can explore the relation between body and mind.    


"Health for me is not only about what I eat and how I exercise. It's a holistic approach to life where everything from relations and diet to breathing is considered.”


Miriam feels best when she visits the beach with her yoga mat and boyfriend. Living a life remaining being passionated in all she is doing, no matter what it is, is her biggest dream. When she is teaching, her goal is to give every single participant their own personal way to practice and experience yoga. 


Her best fashion advice is listening to yourself. Not your mother or fashion magazines. Choose long lasting clothes, with a focus on materials and style. 


“I choose to be an ambassador for GAI+LISVA because the styles is timeless and long lasting.”


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