Agnete Multi Yarn Dye L/S Wool Top - Grey

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Our Agnete T-shirt – a beautiful classic with round neckline and long sleeves in our renowned ultra-thin wool and viscose material.

This Agnete t-shirt is limited edition.

Agnete is a part of our Classic Basic Collection.

Designed to follow you - Forever Basics

A unique blend of wool, viscose and elastane brings you this ultra-thin, flexible T-shirt.  With long sleeves and a comfortable fit, your figure is elegantly accentuated without feeling constrained, while your body is wrapped in warmth when you wear the T-shirt under a sweatshirt or shirt. Agnete comes in a choice of colours, with or without classic stripes, so you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. A classic that can be styled for everyday wear with a blazer or, for more casual wear, with a pair of knitted trousers.  

This Agnete t-shirt is limited edition.

Agnete was first produced back in 2009. Today, it remains one of our bestselling T-shirts and our very capable partner in Prato, Italy, continues to produce it for us. 



Transparent production

We have produced our thin wool and viscose blend in Prato, Italy, since 2013, which is why we know the owners so well today that we regard them not only as very close partners but almost as family. The factory is family owned, with more than 18 years’ experience.

We visit the factory twice a year and we look forward to each of our visits with great pleasure.



28% Wool
67% Viscose
5% Elastan

FIT Slim Fit

Extra Gentle Wool Wash 30 degrees 
Use a wash bag
No tumble dry


Prato, Italy

Prato, Italy