This pack consists of our popular Bolette Seamless Leggings and Sukha Top from our activewear collection. They are the perfect gift for you or a loved one. You can wear the pack when working out, to your yoga session, or on a relaxing day at home. Bolette and Sukha are both made of recycled polyamide, which is a breathable fabric.

Bolette Seamless Leggings are knee-length, high waisted, and have a tight fit. Bolette is in a seamless design, that follows and supports your every move.

Sukha Top gives you perfect support and is incredibly comfortable to wear for yoga or at home. Sukha has decorative, thin straps and GAI+LISVA’s logo imprinted on the side.


Bolette Seamless Leggings

Sukha Top

The "BE ACTIVE"-package has a total value of €130 and is sold exclusively on while stock lasts. If you wish to return the package, all items must be returned. This product cannot be combined with other discounts.