Rigmor - Made By Paula


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Rigmor is a Fair trade product from Bolivia.

Feminine, with the most delicate shoulder and an elegant see through pattern this beautiful style is knitted by Paula - A Bolivian woman from the high lands of Bolivia: Meet Rigmor. Perfect for jeans or your favorite yoga pants, but also lovely on top of your light summer wear – and this style is part of our ongoing cooperation with Bolivian women.

Remember that a hang tag attached to your style will always let you know the name of the knitter.

We work together with Bolivian women artists in creating beautiful pieces of handwork, and by buying or pre-ordering a style you can make a huge difference in the lives of women who are each day fighting to make a better life for themselves and their families. On each of the handknitted beauties is a hang tag attached, revealing to you the name of the knitter so you can see exactly whose life you have made a difference in, while enjoying the lovely styles.

The measurements on the sketch match a size small. The size may vary slightly as Rigmor is hand knitted. The pattern occurs on both sides of the knit.

Style no. GL11384
Quality: 85% AlpacaWool, 15% Acrylic