Feminine dresses and skirts made of sustainable, natural materials, for everyday wear or special occasions

The idea behind our dress collection was to create a selection of dresses and skirts that are comfortable and attractive for every woman to wear. In fact, there’s no need to feel uncomfortable or bothered, because GAI+LISVA dresses and skirts are designed on your terms, to suit you, your body and your mood. Their flattering shapes and pretty prints in exclusive natural materials mean you will look relaxed and enchantingly beautiful at the same time! When we choose natural materials, organic and recycled alike, obviously we want to minimise the amount of plastic released into the natural environment, but we also want to save on the resources we use in our production. However, the choice of materials and type of production alone are not enough. The quality and durability of the materials are also important, so that you can wear your GAI+LISVA styles again and again, with no loss of shape, colour or that feeling of exclusivity. So, once you’ve identified your favourite dress, you can rest assured that it will faithfully accompany you and continue looking good on you for many years to come.

Buy your new sustainable dress from GAI+LISVA, with a clear conscience and consideration for the environment

At GAI+LISVA we combine quality and sustainability. Because, while we choose to care for the environment and nature, we don’t compromise on the quality of our styles. So all our styles are made of top-quality, natural materials – and this can be seen and felt. We use organic and recycled materials, and our cashmere, for example, is recycled cashmere, which we source from Italy. By carefully choosing which materials we use, and how our styles are cut so they can be worn by real women in all their wonderful shapes and sizes, we can confidently guarantee that you will be able to feel the quality and the comfort as soon as you put on one of our dresses or skirts.

GAI+LISVA have that flattering dress you can wear again and again

With dresses and skirts made of natural materials, which drape naturally, lightly and elegantly around your body, and with removable and adjustable tie-strings, you can be certain you’re getting a dress that will bring out all that’s most beautiful about you. Remove the tie-strings from the dress if you prefer a loose, flowing shirt-style dress, or wear the tie-strings to accentuate your waist if you prefer a more feminine look. With dresses in a number of different flattering cuts, you can easily find the style that enhances your best features, so you’ll feel pretty and at ease. With dresses and skirts from GAI+LISVA, you can be yourself, feel free and be every bit as radiant as all the women around you. Our dresses are easy to style with jeans, yoga tights and knitwear, depending on whether you want to dress them up or down. For a more casual look, you can team a pair of raw jeans with our cotton or wool dresses; with bare legs and sandals, you’ll achieve a truly romantic boho feel, and, with a pair of stilettos, you’ll be ready to party and, not least, hit the dance floor!

Pamper yourself, and find your favourite dress by GAI+LISVA

As well as choosing to create our dress collection from natural materials such as wool and cotton, we want them to embrace women who are looking for the perfect party dress; who need a formal dress for work; who love a boyish shirt-dress look; and for those who love romantic lace and feminine detailing. Discover our beautiful selection of dresses and skirts in soft, light colours, or choose the classic black dress in an exclusive, light fabric. Whatever style you choose, you can be certain of high quality, comfort and superb durability. Many of our dresses can be styled and worn in a variety of ways, so you can wear them all year round, for all sorts of occasions.