With GAI+LISVA, you’ll find the shirt that comes to your rescue on those “nothing-to-wear” days

Just the right shirt with a flattering cut in a soft, pleasant material can rescue you just about every time on those “nothing-to-wear” days. With GAI+LISVA, you can even rejoice that your favourite shirt comes in sustainable, natural materials – 100% cotton, viscose or silk – all materials that are either organic or recycled. That means you can pamper yourself with a new favourite shirt while also minimising the fashion industry’s adverse impact on our beautiful planet. Among our shirts, you’ll find everything from feminine, soft styles to more masculine, minimalist styles, so you can be sure to find the shirt that’s just right for you and your needs. The clean lines, simplicity and careful design of the shirts stem from our Scandinavian roots and feature in all our shirts. This is how each shirt, in its own way, discreetly flatters your feminine curves.

Find the shirt for business, formal dining, a romantic garden party or relaxing at home

The shirt has its rightful place in most wardrobes because it is so easy to dress up; it’s perfect for more formal and work-related contexts, but can also easily be made casual with a pair of yoga tights or even teamed with a cool suit for celebrations. Our shirt collection includes feminine shirts with lace and simple shirts in soft pastel colours, shades of white and darker nuances as well as the more masculine, snow-white shirt which, teamed with raw jeans and trainers, give you a cool boyfriend look. If you want to emphasise your feminine side either at the office or for a party, just choose the pretty interplay of colour with our blue-black silk shirt, which will make your skin radiate to compete with your sparkling eyes! In summer, a shirt is ideal for covering and protecting your skin from the strong rays of the sun, while the light-and-airy cotton lets your skin breathe to keep you naturally cool in the heat. For a summer party, you can team the delicate, romantic lacy shirt with a skirt or shorts and embrace the idyllic summer atmosphere.

GAI+LISVA shirts – your timeless, classic must-have favourite

The shirt is and always will be a timeless classic. One reason why shirts are so universal is that they are among the most usable items of clothing in our wardrobes. It doesn’t take a fashion genius to interpret and style a shirt to make it complement our figure, style and mood. That obviously means it’s even more important for the quality of the material to be durable so you can wear your new favourite shirt for many years to come without it losing that feeling of exclusivity, its shape or the depth of its colour. Having a few shirts to choose from will take you a long way. You can roll up the sleeves when it’s hot, wear the shirt open over a cool T-shirt, tie it above a high-waisted skirt, or even button it all the way up for a really clean look. With the carefully selected natural materials that GAI+LISVA use to produce our shirts, you can be assured of high quality, lasting comfort and, not least, a sustainable, long-term purchase.