Buy GAI+LISVA pants and shorts made of soft, exclusive, 100% organic cotton

Swap your tight jeans for a softer, feminine silhouette, and choose our pants and shorts, which are designed to let you be yourself. Our entire collection of pants and shorts has been created with room for you and your body, because the soft, organic cotton drapes lightly and elegantly around you, accentuating your figure beautifully and in an understated way. The shorts and pants alike are made of 100% cotton – organic, at that – so your skin will be able to breathe, and the classic cut gives you full freedom of movement. The level of comfort and the quality of the natural materials are clear to see when you jump into a pair of  GAI+LISVA pants or shorts, achieving with effortless ease a sophisticated, exclusive look that’s perfect for work, parties or a more casual setting.

Find your new favourite pants and shorts by GAI+LISVA – you’ll never want to take them off!

Move into your new favourite pants, and take up residence in your new favourite shorts by GAI+LISVA. Our choice of natural materials and 100% organic cotton pants and shorts gives you the softest, most comfortable and, not least, most elegant and flattering styles. You’ll be reluctant to take them off once you’ve experienced the comfort and enjoyed the benefit of the feeling of everyday luxury they provide. You can style our pants with a delicate, romantic tank top for summer or special occasions, or you can add a crisp shirt to achieve a more formal look. Finally, you can add a loose, cool T-shirt to match your mood and suit your needs. Choose our Sima Shorts if you want to be sure of sleeping softly and comfortably, while looking nice and feminine, or wear them as light-and-airy summer shorts with a light tank top

Slow fashion and sustainable production forms the basis for our pants and shorts

If you need pants or shorts, but at the same time you’re keen to take a stand to minimise the over-consumption that a large swathe of the fashion industry is unfortunately responsible for, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve made it easy for you to buy your new, timeless, beautiful pants and shorts from GAI+LISVA without having to worry about contributing to adverse impact on the environment. Our choice of natural materials for all our collections, preferably recycled or organic, means that, when you buy your clothes from GAI+LISVA, you’re helping to stop the release of plastic into our oceans. At the same time our well-organised, regulated production conditions mean you’re also supporting the fight to reduce consumption of our precious natural resources. Because all our styles are made of natural materials, both quality and durability are top-notch, which means you can wear your new favourite styles again and again, year after year, without them losing their exclusivity, colour and shape. So, when you buy fashion and style with a long shelf life, you’ve already made your first important sustainable choice.