Wrap yourself in soft knitted hoodies, sweaters, tops and T-shirts made from recycled Italian cashmere and other natural materials

Knitwear should be warm, irresistibly soft and natural – but knitwear should also be sustainable so you can buy your new favourite sweater with peace of mind and consideration for the environment. When you give yourself the luxury of dressing in one of our oh-so comfortable sweaters, tops or other knitted items, you can be sure we’ve already done all the environmental groundwork for you. We use recycled cashmere from Italy, a luxurious blend of lambswool, mohair or cashmere – because, sourced there, the quality meets our high standards for use in producing our unique knitwear for you.

Feminine, ultra-soft and elegant knitwear to bring out your best features

We love knitwear, and we love cashmere, so it is vital to us that you will always find our knitwear to be of the highest quality. It has been created to accentuate the beautiful femininity of a woman’s body, while, above all, being pleasant and practical for you to wear, whatever life demands of you. With styles in luxurious wool – you will be able to enjoy garments that keep you warm on even the coldest days, but which can also be worn when you’re moving around, because the natural fibres transport the heat away from your body so you won’t feel damp and clammy. In other words, our cashmere and wool blends are ideal for regulating your body temperature. The soft, warm, natural colours of all our knitwear reflect our pursuit of all things natural, which is so important to us. The beautiful, subdued colours also mean you can easily combine GAI+LISVA knitwear with anything else in your wardrobe.

We have knitwear for every facet of life – work, yoga, chilling out and dinner parties

Whether you want a classic sweater or cardigan, or you prefer short-sleeved knitwear because you have an active life style, or you just have to own a pair of knitted shorts or pants for your tranquil yoga sessions, you will find what you are looking for at GAI+LISVA. As far as we are concerned, knitwear is much more than just a sweater to keep you warm in winter. Our knitted styles are elegant, lightweight and so comfortable that you could just as well wear them all year round. Our unique designs with little details give you classic knitwear with a feminine touch to discreetly accentuate your wrists, neck or waist. Our tops are ideal with jeans or skirts, or as a layer over a patterned shirt or dress, while our sweaters come in styles for those who prefer a tailored look and for those who love oversized sweaters, and they are available in short or long lengths. Our beautifully textured cardigans can take the place of a classic blazer, for a slightly softer look. You can also go all-in with knitwear from top to toe, teaming our unique knitted pants that you will never want to take off with one of our matching knitted tops. If you are looking for the ultimate cosy item that exudes pampering, a snug, knitted hoodie and a pair of loose but nicely fitting knitted pants are the obvious choice.

Knitwear by GAI+LISVA – the perfect gift for your environmentally-minded friend

Besides the fact that some of our knitwear is produced from recycled Italian cashmere, we have also made sure our production minimises carbon emissions, so you do not need to have any qualms about choosing a style to delight your friend. Perhaps she does not buy things for herself very often in order to minimise consumption and think sustainably, but she will be able to unreservedly fall head over heels in love with a timeless, durable, beautiful item of GAI+LISVA knitwear.