Product life cycle

All garments have an impact on the world and it takes resources, time and consideration to create meaningful, long-lasting products. In order to make sure that our GAI+LISVA are clothes  that are loved and used for as long as possible, we have embarked on a journey toward a more circular system by creating a resale platform where used garments are sold at a reduced price.

This ensures a prolonged lifespan of each and every garment and minimizes the footprint of each design. Furthermore, we have created a thorough guide for everyone that wants to take better care of their garments — ensuring a longer life of every single product we put into this world. 


We know that growth for raw materials and the creation of textiles have a big impact on local ecosystems and our climates. We believe in working with long-lasting natural fibres and low-impact materials. We continuously work to lower the use of plastic-based fibres and to increase the use of certified, natural monofibres. This is a long-term process and commitment that calls for continuous curiosity, close partnerships and thoughtful innovation. 

For this reason, we have created a plan and a system, how to approach textiles and materials, in order to always make sure we know what fibers use and which ones to improve on. And most importantly, we are always led by a belief that it’s our design that gives every single material a long and cherrising life.