At GAI + LISVA we do our utmost to be responsible in our production and choice of materials. Our design is classic, timeless, feminine and inspired by Nordic traditions. We emphasize simple and aesthetic details that are seen in our dresses, sweaters, blouses, knitwear, lingerie, yoga clothes and lifestyle products. We are detail-oriented and strive to make sure that our styles and collections match regardless of the trends. Likewise, we also offer a large selection of classic basic styles that belong in any wardrobe and can be combined and styles you can return to again and again. Our products are made from natural or recycled materials, which is why we appreciate that our styles can be combined and used for different occasions, whether it is for work, yoga or just the everyday moments. We embrace the calm moments in life that are expressed in our comfortable and classic products. Therefore, it is the Nordic traditions of honest and simplified appearance that are the source of inspiration in our products and our conscious mindset.


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