GAI+LISVA basics – essential classics for the woman who loves timeless, sustainable styles

Our basic styles are created with your comfort and wellbeing in mind so you can feel comfortable and confident and focus on all those important everyday tasks, and enjoy the high points of life to the full. Your basics are the styles that envelop you every day – all the time. Therefore, they should be made of top-quality sustainable materials so you can wear them time and time again without worrying about whether they will lose their shape, softness or wonderful luxurious feel. Among our large selection of classic basics you’ll find, knitwear, leggings, shirts and underwear.

Our classic basics take you from work to parties and through the mindfulness of a yoga session

Our basics are created based on the idea of sustainable fashion and comprise classic, timeless styles with simple, feminine cuts that give you an elegant, effortless look, no matter whether you wear GAI+LISVA basics to work, dress them up for festive or formal events or wear them for yoga or other gentle sports. Crafted from soft, breathable and natural materials, our basics are perfect for the calmer moments of everyday life, but also for busy periods when you particularly need to wear reliable, comfortable and elegant basics to help maintain your focus. Rooted in Nordic design traditions, what matters most at GAI+LISVA is that our classic basics give you simple, minimalist styles with just the right fit so you can combine basic tank tops, tops, knitwear, leggings, shirts and underwear with the rest of your wardrobe.

Buy GAI+LISVA basics with a clear conscience and consideration for the environment

We’re proud to be able to say that as much as 80% of our classic basics – tank tops, tops, knitwear, leggings, shirts and underwear – are produced in Europe. The wool we use is from Italy, and it’s especially soft and light, which makes it ideal for cooler and warmer days alike, because it lets your skin breathe, but also because, without compromising on comfort, you can wear our elegant wool styles as a cosy additional layer beneath your clothing. And you can still feel feminine and elegant, with no need to wrap yourself in thick woolly jumpers to keep warm on chilly days. Layering what you wear will also give you more scope for retaining a feminine, personalised look without feeling that you are wrapping yourself up too much. Shoulders, sleeves and necklines are all emphasised with these fine, simple styles. With the environment in mind, we’ve created our basics using natural materials to give you a sense of wellbeing from the inside to the outside, with a clear climate conscience! At GAI+LISVA, you see, you’ll only find styles produced under decent conditions, with as small an impact as possible on our planet.

Supplement your wardrobe with sustainable essentials by GAI+LISVA

Wrap yourself in our beautiful, sustainable essentials, and allow these pretty styles to accentuate your feminine side. At the same time, you can benefit from the comfort that our essentials give you with a clear conscience about the environment. This is because at GAI+LISVA we only use natural materials that are comfortable for you to move around in, that let your skin breathe and give you peace of mind. Quality, respect for nature and recycling are three of our basic values when we create collections for you. Among our complementing essentials, you’ll find tops, tank tops, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, shirts and knitwear that will be just perfect as an elegant supplement to your basic styles.

GAI+LISVA give you guilt-free fashion created with you and the planet in mind

Our collections make extensive use of organic cotton; our cashmere tops and pants are produced using recycled cashmere from Italy, and all our styles are manufactured in GOTS-certified factories in India. Here we monitor production from the initial material to the finished product, so you can have a clear conscience as you treat yourself or a loved one to a special gift. In other words, GAI+LISVA lets you pamper yourself with new favourite styles without entailing any adverse impact on the environment.

Unmissable essentials offering comfort for all occasion

Among our complementing essentials you’ll find tops, tank tops, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, shirts and knitwear. We have dresses for all occasions here, featuring different designs, prints and patterns. Dresses with tie-strings to accentuate your waist and hourglass figure. You’ll find a variety of dresses, long and short. Dresses with a discreet cut, with pretty patterns, colours and details, and you can also combine our dresses and long skirts with oversized knitwear for chilly days. Our collection also includes a selection of our basic tops and skirts in this season’s colours that you can style for different occasions and wear under a sweater.  

GAI+LISVA gives you slow fashion essentials with timeless, feminine elegance

All our styles – whether they are basics, essentials or something entirely different – are created with a slow fashion mindset as the starting point. It matters to us, you see, to bring you classic, timeless styles that you can wear over and over again – year after year. So GAI+LISVA essentials give you styles that are sustainable, and also made from durable materials that can be worn not just occasionally, but often! This way, you can buy fewer items that will last longer, helping to minimise the over-consumption that is an unfortunate aspect of today’s fashion industry.