Buy T-shirts and tops from GAI+LISVA, and enhance your look with sustainable styles

There are lots of good reasons to be careful when choosing the basic styles that will become part of your everyday uniform. For many people, those styles mean tops and T-shirts. That’s why our collection of T-shirts and tops includes styles that you can easily mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe thanks to their flattering cut, timeless design, peaceful colours and durable materials. We only use natural materials, whether recycled or organic, to drape lightly and elegantly around your body and, in an understated way, accentuate your femininity and figure. The textiles range from linen, viscose and cotton to a soft wool blend – all top quality – to ensure that your tops are pleasant to wear and will last and last.

At GAI+LISVA you’ll find T-shirts and tops for all occasions

Precisely because we use natural materials, our T-shirts and tops are synonymous with comfort and breathability, so you’ll love wearing them for yoga, under a sweater with a formal blazer, or when you want to bring out your feminine side more. Choose a sleeveless top with an elegant peek at the back, shoulders and décolleté for warmer days or hot yoga, or as a perfect layer under a shirt or dress. Our long-sleeved tops, with either a pretty boat neck or a roll collar, are also ideal for yoga and light sports activities, but also for wearing under a sweater. Our T-shirts are light and floaty and drape really nicely around your body, whether you wear them with tights, jeans, a skirt or shorts. And, if you prefer a romantic look, you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with our unique blouses with pretty, feminine detailing such as delicate embroidery or feminine lace – perfect for a brilliant summer’s day.

Choose sustainability, and buy top-quality T-shirts and tops you can wear again and again

Many people would be more inclined to spend their money on colourful party shoes and teeter-tottering stilettos that are rarely worn more than once or twice a year, simply because they’re fun to buy and irresistible and luxurious. But wouldn’t it be better to choose luxury for everyday life, so it’s not just reserved for the four big celebrations of the year? We think so. In fact, we believe we should all think more sustainably when it comes to prioritising our purchases of clothing, so that we spend the most money on the things we’ll also wear the most. That’s why we’ve chosen to make your everyday styles – the styles you can wear for any occasion – both exclusive and durable. We choose only the very best, top-quality natural materials that last for a long time without looking tired, and, of course, our Nordic-inspired cuts are always timeless, elegant and classic, so you can wear them for many years to come. In other words, an expensive but beautiful and sustainable T-shirt that will become one of your go-to styles is a better investment than the most fabulous evening dress you’ve ever seen.

With our most popular basic top Amalie, you’ll never run out of styling options

There’s a very good reason why our Amalie Top is our most popular style and wardrobe basic. The top gently, softly and lightly envelops you thanks to its fine, warm, super-soft wool and full-length sleeves. The top is made of 100% natural materials which, despite the gossamer feel, are extremely durable, so you can wear your favourite basic again and again. At the same time, it gives you freedom of movement and lets your skin breathe, so you can get rid of body heat and throw yourself into all sorts of everyday tasks with the feeling of exclusive everyday luxury, wellbeing and comfort. The Amalie Top has a super-feminine boat neck that gives an elegant peek at your décolleté, accentuating your femininity in an effortless, understated way. With the Amalie Top in your wardrobe, you’ll have no end of possibilities for styling and combining the rest of your wardrobe. Wear the Amalie Top for any occasion, and enjoy the many advantages of the top’s long sleeves and the thin, comfortable, but warm wool. Let the Amalie Top be your go-to when you want to be sure you’ll feel at ease and confident – whether at work, out for couples dinner parties, an evening yoga session, chilling out at home with the girls, or whatever the occasion.