Buy GAI+LISVA underwear – sustainable styles in soft, natural materials to wear next to your skin

The layers we wear next to our skin, in direct contact with our most sensitive areas, should be ultra-soft, comfortable and breathable. That’s why all our underwear is made of natural materials that are gentle on your delicate skin and let it breathe, so you can go about your life without even noticing you’re wearing underwear. All our underwear is created based on our Nordic design tradition of giving you simple, timeless underwear with delicate little feminine details – underwear that you can wear for many years to come. The natural materials also mean the textiles are durable and retain their flexibility, softness and shape even after countless wash cycles. So, when you buy underwear from GAI+LISVA, you’re making the sustainable choice – in terms of eco-friendly materials, but also because you’re buying less, but of better quality that you can wear for longer.

Our underwear gives you gentle support and non-stop comfort for all that life throws at you

The gentle support from our seamless bra feels so natural and mild that you’ll be able to wear it all day, but also for yoga or other light sports activities. And our seamless knickers are just made for wearing on days when you most need them to be comfortable. The seamless design means the knickers give you flattering support without feeling tight, so you can wear them under all kinds of pants or skirts without a visible knicker line, and they’re just made for freedom of movement. Our bras and knickers come in nude, black and white, so they are easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe. Our Gunilla Top, available in both black and white, is figure-hugging to give you just that little bit of support as an ideal tank top to wear under light, floaty shirts and dresses. You can also use it under a sweater or just as it comes, with a pair of summer shorts or for the yoga session of the day. The Vilja Tube Dress accentuates your beautiful, feminine curves without sacrificing the feeling of lightness and gentle support that characterises all our underwear styles. Wear it either as a cosy petticoat, fold it down as a feminine pencil skirt, or style it with pretty stilettos and a bit of bling, and you’ll be ready for an evening out with your femininity giving you that extra edge.

GAI+LISVA bras, knickers and tank tops: Pamper yourself with everyday luxury, with a clear conscience

We’re tremendously proud of our exclusive, feminine underwear collection, which we’ve created with care and attention for your particular needs. All styles reflect our passion for producing styles to wear next to your skin , which you can freely and effortlessly live, breathe and move around in. Our underwear is created for the woman who appreciates the caring support of ultra-comfortable underwear that leaves her free to focus on her everyday projects. Wear GAI+LISVA bras, knickers and tank tops, created for you – a woman with a life full of action, from when you get up, through the working day, and when you step directly into the yoga class without worrying about having to change your underwear. But, for us, beautiful designs and high quality are not enough. We strive to produce sustainable slow fashion – when it comes to how long you’ll be able to continue wearing our styles, and how our collections are produced so as to release as little plastic as possible into the natural environment, and so that we make as little impact on nature as possible. This way, we help you to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and the precious planet we all share when you buy clothing from GAI+LISVA.