GAI+LISVA make your yoga sustainable with yoga wear made from recycled and natural materials

With yoga wear from our new collection, you’ll find styles in silky-soft, flexible materials created to let you feel free and light while you practise yoga. We also have styles made from 100% recycled polyester, wool, modal and viscose, created with respect for our planet, so you can wear them with a clear conscience. Among our yoga styles you’ll find tights and leggings in a lovely blue-green shade as well as black, with a discreet pattern to accentuate your beautiful, feminine calves as you practise yoga or wear them to work under an oversized sweater or shirt. You will also find ever-so-soft polyester shorts, ideal for yoga on warmer days or for hot yoga, and they’re just great for wearing under a light and airy summer dress. Our seamless yoga tops give you just the right amount of gentle support you need as you move around, while the T-shirts and sweatshirts drape elegantly and airily around your body without constriction. Reusing polyester and natural materials in our yoga wear gives you an easy way to choose sustainability and help to keep plastic out of our oceans, while also saving natural resources. When you buy GAI+LISVA’s yoga wear, you can have peace of mind as you look forward to your next yoga session.

Sustainable yoga wear completes your yoga experience

When you practise light sports – especially yoga, which requires full mental focus and presence – your clothes absolutely must be as comfortable as possible. That’s why our yoga wear has been specially designed to enable you to move around freely, with the garments gently hugging your body without that annoying clinging feeling, whatever yoga pose you adopt. Our tie-dye tights and tops are seamless and made from a flexible, elastic material to drape around your body and fit your exact shape and size, providing support and comfort while accommodating your movements. Because when you enter the yoga class, the focus must be on the good deed you are doing by allowing yourself to unwind for a while and indulge in some me-time for mind and body. GAI+LISVA’s comfortable, 100% recycled polyester yoga wear also lets your skin breathe freely through this light, natural material. With pretty, dusky blue, grey and light colours, our leggings, tights, tops, sweatshirts, T-shirts and shorts will embrace the tranquillity you need for yoga.

Turn up the level of comfort in your life and match your soft yoga styles with the rest of your wardrobe

There’s no reason to restrict wearing your most comfortable clothes – your yoga styles – to yoga classes. As our pretty and exclusive yoga styles are made of natural materials with an elegant, feminine fit, you can easily style them with the rest of your wardrobe. Accentuate your legs by teaming your yoga tights and leggings with a shirt or an oversized sweater, or swap your bra for a yoga top on days when you need extra soft support and comfort. Wear our yoga styles to work, when relaxing at home and for other special moments through the week. It’s during the transitions in our lives that we sometimes need extra focus and a helping hand. We’re so busy flitting from one activity to another that we sometimes just need to be able to focus. With that in mind, our yoga styles are so well designed that you can actually wear them wherever life takes you – you don’t need to rush home from the office to change before your yoga session; you can just step quietly into the yoga class, calm and focused, ready for me-time.

Buy GAI+LISVA yoga wear made from recycled polyester, and do something good for the environment

In producing its styles, GAI+LISVA always has nature’s welfare and the environment clearly in mind. That’s why our production has to meet stringent requirements as to how big (or small) an impact it makes on nature. In other words, we make sure our collections are always manufactured under decent conditions with respect for the planet we all share. But, of course, it’s not just about the manufacturing; we’ve also chosen only to use natural materials – organic and recycled. Therefore, all our yoga wear is made of the softest and most luxurious recycled polyester, wool, viscose and modal, so you can pamper yourself and enhance your yoga experience even further with a clear conscience and without worrying about burdening the environment.