A petite collab


petite collab

We are proud to finally be able to unveil a project that we have been working on for the past year. It is quite genius if you ask us. We got the talented Mette Wendelboe Okkels on board. Mette is the woman behind PetiteKnit, and we have for a long time had an eye on her and her beautiful creations. So of course, we had to ask if she was up for a collab and as you might have guessed, she said yes!  
From the collab we have created two beautiful pieces in 100% merino wool (RWS-certified). The design is made by Mette and the actual production is done by one of our closest partners – a small family-owned company in Italy founded by a mother and her two daughters.
Both styles are both soft, beautiful and very comfortable, and not least an obvious Christmas wish. If you are good at knitting you can also make the pieces yourself by finding the recipes on PetiteKnit.
Take care!
Bettina and Malene, Founders, GAI+LISVA

Unique creations

November Vest

This beautiful vest will probably be your new best friend. It is perfect over shirts, T-shirts and dresses, and it is also both soft and comfortable. It is created in the finest merino wool designed by Mette Wendelboe Okkels, the woman behind PetiteKnit, and produced by our skilled partners in Italy.

Buy November Vest at www.gai-lisva.com or at selected retailers. This vest is a limited edition knit.


November Jacket

This beautiful jacket is created from 100% merino wool knitted primarily in patent knit with beautiful details in smooth knit along the side. A nice arch is added on the back, which frames the back elegantly. This jacket is both soft, warm and as in our spirit, in colours that suits all outfits.

Buy November jacket at www.gai-lisva.com or at selected retailers. This jacket is a limited edition knit.