Alpaca knit from Italy ⎮ Clean your clothes with a clean conscience

At GAI+LISVA we have our knitwear produced in Italy from materials chosen with great care to live up to our high standards. A standard you can continue in the care you show your clothes, while also caring for the planet and yourself at the same time. This week we have partnered with Care by Nature, who makes natural alternatives to laundry detergent, to offer a package of soapberries to the first 50 customers who order a piece of our knitwear. The package contains a small bag made from organic cotton with enough soapberries to last 4-5 loads of laundry and instructions on how to use the berries.
Soapberries are called nature’s laundry detergent. When the berries are dried their shells can be used in place of detergent. They contain a naturally occurring soapy compound called saponin that is melted from the berries by warm laundry water. Your clothes will get just as clean as when conventional detergent is used but the wonderful thing about Care by Nature’s soapberries is that they are completely natural. Plus they come in recyclable packaging and can be composted after use. Wool, cashmere and silk all benefit from the gentle treatment and this makes soapberries a great choice when you need to clean your knitwear. 
Soapberries don’t contain perfume, enzymes, optical brighteners or other chemicals, not only making them gentle on the environment but also on you. This is why people with allergic reactions to conventional detergents have used soapberries for a number of years. The minimal amount of chemicals also means that soapberries don’t cause as much wear on garments as conventional detergent, which makes them ideal for the treatment of wool, cashmere and silk or just to ensure a longer use of the pieces in your wardrobe. Using soapberries when you wash your woolen knitwear helps protect the material’s natural layer of grease, lanolin, which makes the material keep longer and stay self-cleaning. 
The production of Care by Nature’s soapberries supports local women in Nepal and minor Danish start-ups. In Denmark the products from Care by Nature can be found in Irma, Føtex and Bilka.




An unforgettably soft and loving embrace. That is what our Freyja Knit Cardigan feels like. This soft, light and loose-fitting wrap cardigan made in alpaca wool with long sleeves and metal buttons might very well become your favourite style for long summer evenings. It is perfect on top of a t-shirt or dress when cool summer breezes blow or for calm moments, when you do yoga or as a piece of comforting lounge wear all year round. 




This pretty blouse in alpaca with a beautiful and feminine pattern is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Karin combines the qualities of a classic crew neck with beautiful knitted details making it equally perfect for a flowing skirt or jeans. Karin is a light pullover made from 62 % soft alpaca and it will keep you warm on chilly summer days, while its fitted shape will allow you to move freely and enjoy your summer fun.



Classic and feminine crew-neck knit in a colour that is just right for summer. The beautiful light coral will enhance the glow of your summer tan. Lea is made from a wonderfully light and soft alpaca yarn, which hugs you with a bit of warmth on cold summer nights. Pull on our Lea blouse when you want to add a touch of feminine elegance to your outfit. 





Signe is a beautiful striped addition to our knitwear collection that we are proud to present! The sweater is knitted in a soft and light alpaca. When you pull it on it will feel like you’re wearing a cloud and the loose fit makes it as perfect on top of a dress as with yoga pants or whenever you need a warm hug.