"Photographs are a way of communicating"



Cecilia Cristolovean is a London based photographer and yogi. She is the founder of Yoga and Photo, where she helps her clients with photoshoots regarding yoga, wellness, and movement.

Cecilia feels close to nature and has felt this way since her childhood. She was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania where rivers, forests and The Carpathian Mountains were her backyard and playground.

Nature feels like a haven for Cecilia and brings her joy and inner peace. 


Cecilia is inspired by movement and nature and feels the most authentic when she does yoga or is meditating. Movement, dancing, and yoga are her favourite activities and give her a sense of freedom. Cecilia discovered yoga 10 years ago in her search for mental health and spirituality.

"It turned out to be so helpful for me to combine the physical practice with meditation."

"Nature feels like a haven for me and brings me joy and inner peace." 


Cecilia describes herself as a curious being and is excited to learn new things and places. She trusts her intuition and lets it guide her. 

That is why I became a photographer

Photography began as a hobby when Cecilia was younger, and she feels very lucky that photography now is her full-time job. Combining photography with her interest in yoga felt like a natural process. According to Cecilia, she expresses herself better through a camera than with words.

“Photographs as any visual material are a way of communicating. The storytelling can be so diverse; it can be artistic and express feelings, or it can be explicit and educational. Probably that’s why I became a photographer, as I can’t express myself that well in words, but capturing the beauty of life feels so natural for me.”

"I love nature, mindful movement and photography. My life is a combination of these."