Christmas candles and a cosy woolen sweater

Lights are our favorite part of Christmas celebrations and this year you can light the most wonderful locally made candles. Never before have we had so much need to stay cozy and cheerful at home, so wrap yourself in our Elvira Knit and celebrate the season in the beautiful soft light of our hand-dipped candles, while staying home and safe. 
We have created the candles in collaboration with one of Denmark’s oldest candle foundries, Denmark. They are made from specially chosen materials using the old traditions of the craft. 
Create your own warm and cozy Christmas traditions with gorgeous knit and candles.

Take Care!
Bettina og Malene, Founders, GAI+LISVA


Cosy and warm Christmas traditions


Hand-dipped candles

Our hand-dipped candles are sold as a set in handmade boxes. The boxes are handmade and produced at one of the only places, where boxes are still made in Denmark. Use the box for knitting needles, stationary or little secrets afterwards. The candles are 34 centimeters long and come in three different colours: Mocca, Soil Brown and Grey. 

All the candles are:
Produced from fully rafined paraffin that is approved for consumption 
Øko-tex100-certified cotton wicks
Testet by Technological Institue 
Longest burn time on the market

Pillar candles

The pillar candles come in heights of 10, 15 and 20 centimeters in the same three colours as the dipped candles: Mocca, Soil Brown and Grey. They come in cotton bags and are sold individually, so you can create the exact ambience that is right for your home. 


Elvira knit


Elvira is a light and super soft pullover in our exclusive alpaca wool blend from Italy. With its delicate and feminine pattern Elvira is perfect over a shirt, dress, blouse or yoga top. A cardigan that will provide you with warmth and coziness on the days, where you most need it.