FAIR TRADE NEWS: Hand knitted from Bolivia

We are happy to finally be able to present the fall collection of Fair Trade handknitted styles from Bolivia. Our Fair Trade knitwear is knitted by hand by women in Bolivia, who support themselves and their families by knitting for us.
The conditions for these women in Bolivia are already difficult, and COVID-19 has only made it even more challenging for the women and their families. Since COVID-19 hit it has been virtually impossible to get access to yarn as the production of yarn in the factories has been closed down. The women have been and still are in a very difficult situation. We and our partners have done all we could to support and help our knitters through these challenging times, and we are proud to have been able to maintain a small production in Bolivia in spite of the circumstances. The women have impressed us immensely with their perseverance in the face of the current adversities and the creativity they have shown in their work. So, it is with great joy that we present you with the first results of all their hard work.
As a consequence of these challenging times however, we will receive the pieces from Bolivia continuously depending on when it is possible for the women to obtain yarn. We want to do all that we can to encourage their optimism and hope for the future by continuing to place orders with them in spite of the difficult working conditions. 
We hope that you will help us help the community of women in Bolivia, who through their handiwork are able to support their families. 

On each of the handknitted beauties is a hang tag attached, revealing to you the name of the knitter so you can see exactly whose life you have made a difference in, while enjoying the lovely styles.


Bettina & Malene, Gai+Lisva Founders




Louise knit 

Louise Knit is a wonderful warm knit sweater in a classic style. It is Fair Trade and hand made by women in Bolivia from 100 % alpakawool. Use it on top of a shirt and dark jeans for work or let it embrace you like a warm hug over comfy clothes when you get home and just want to relax. The sweater is also perfect to pull over your yoga wear to keep you warm before you’ve worked up a sweat. Whichever way you choose to style our Louise Knit the sweater is an ideal companion now that the cold season is upon us again.  



Irmelin knit warmers


These beautiful knit warmers can be used as an ankle or wrist warmer. They are Fair Trade pieces of knit in 100 % Alpaca wool. Perfect for yoga, barre and meditation or to keep your wrists and hands warm when walking or biking. Ankle and wrist warmers are perfect to keep you warm when you need to be able to use your fingers or toes e.g. when you work out. Each item is meticulously made by village women from La Paz. 


Theresa poncho

This beautiful poncho is knitted by a Bolivian women called Ray.

The essence of our design is timelessness and femininity, and this beautiful handknitted poncho is exactly that. Wear it for everyday use, layer it over your summerdress, and enjoy it still, when the colder days are closing in. It will make any outfit work and note how the lovely creamy white hue will illuminate your face.

This style is at the moment only available in very limited numbers


 Mirabella knittet cap 

This pretty knitted cap is another of our handmade Fair Trade products from Bolivia – this particular style is knitted by Patty in 100 % Alpaca wool. The cap has a beautiful pattern that gives it a feminine and delicate look, which works just as well for a chilly summer eve as it does for an autumn day. The knitting technique results in a perfect fit, and the pure wool regulates heat. This style comes in one size that fits all.