Finest Fairtrade Fashion

If nothing else these past few months have taught us to think of others. Consideration and care are some of the words, that have turned in to action this spring. This is the reason why, it gives us such joy to be able to show you, how to extent your care to other women by wrapping yourself in the loveliest handknitted styles. We work together with Bolivian women artists in creating beautiful pieces of handwork, and by buying or pre-ordering a style you can make a huge difference in the lives of women who are each day fighting to make a better life for themselves and their families. On each of the handknitted beauties is a hang tag attached, revealing to you the name of the knitter so you can see exactly whose life you have made a difference in, while enjoying the lovely styles. 



Limited edition

Be quick if you want to lay your hands on this beautiful handknitted cap. It is feminine and delicate and works just as well for a chilly summer eve as it does for an autumn day. The knitting technique results in a perfect fit, and the pure wool regulates heat, and adding to that, this piece is part of our fairtrade collaboration with Bolivian women – this style ticks all the boxes. 



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Feminine, with the most delicate shoulder and an elegant see through pattern, and now finally available for pre-order: Meet Rigmor. Perfect for jeans or your favorite yoga pants, but also lovely on top of your light summer wear – and this style is part of our ongoing cooperation with Bolivian women. Here at GAI+LISVA we work towards reducing wastefulness, and this is the reason why these particular knitted wonders are available for pre-order. Remember that a hang tag attached to your style will always let you know the name of the knitter. 


Limited Edition


The essence of our design is timelessness and femininity, and this beautiful handknitted poncho is exactly that. Wear it for everyday use, layer it over your summer dress, and enjoy it still, when the colder days are closing in. It will make any outfit work and note how the lovely creamy white hue will illuminate your face. This style too is only available in very limited numbers. 




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These delicate and feminine foot warmers are handknitted by women in Bolivia. Perfect for all the soft sports you enjoy, for a weekend away or even as a part of your laid-back luxe look. Enjoy the soft look and spoil yourself with handknitted care.