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April is a cosy knitted top made of 85% alpaca wool and 15% acrylic. This knitted top has a charmingly feminine V-neck, while the loose fit makes it comfortable to wear. April can be worn all year round, possibly with leggings, a shirt or a dress. With April, you’re guaranteed a beautiful hand-made product that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come. 


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Transparent production

Each piece is meticulously knitted by women from La Paz. Creating these knitted garments gives them the means to support their families. 
We work with Bolivian women on these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, and by buying or pre-ordering a knitted garment made in Bolivia, you can make a huge difference to women fighting a daily battle to improve life for themselves and their families. Each of the hand-knitted beauties also carries a hang-tag bearing the name of the person who knitted it, so you can see whose life you’ve impacted while you enjoy these delectable hand-knitted products. 

All items are made from 100% alpaca wool from the highlands of Bolivia. The wool is processed and prepared locally. 

We are proud of and grateful for our collaboration with these Bolivian women.