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The Bertha T-shirt is everyone’s favourite style, and for good reason. It is one-size, making it very handy for everyday wear, loungewear and sportswear. The lightweight, breathable linen will make you look elegant and relaxed, with its shiny, transparent look, and fill you with a sense of relaxed comfort. With its strong, quick-drying and durable fabric, this classic T-shirt will grace your wardrobe for many years to come. 
Bertha is made from 100% linen, a natural, durable material that lets your skin breathe. 


Size guide

Half bust: 58 cm
Length from shoulder to bottom: 80 cm
Sleeve length: 14 cm



Transparent production

We have produced our thin wool and viscose blend in Prato, Italy, since 2013, which is why we know the owners so well today that we regard them not only as very close partners but almost as family. The factory is family owned, with more than 18 years’ experience.

We visit the factory twice a year and we look forward to each of our visits with great pleasure.