Designed to follow you - Sophisticated beauty

Edda is designed to produce a loose, oversized silhouette, which contrasts well with the fine, lightweight knit.  

This blouse has a loose fit, can be worn for occasions large and small, and is perfect as the outer layer over a shirt or dress. The Edda blouse makes a beautiful, classic addition to your wardrobe. 


Size guide

Half bust: 58 cm
Length from shoulder to bottom: 54 cm
Sleeve length: 35 cm
Half bust: 60 cm
Length from shoulder to bottom: 55 cm
Sleeve length: 36 cm
Half bust: 62 cm
Length from shoulder to bottom: 56 cm
Sleeve length: 37 cm
Half bust: 64 cm
Length from shoulder to bottom: 57cm
Sleeve length: 38 cm
Half bust: 66 cm
Length from shoulder to bottom: 58cm
Sleeve length: 39 cm
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Transparent production

Our partner for our superb knits is located in Prato, Italy. This small factory is family owned and run by Deanne and her two daughters Scilla and Monica. Here, the focus is on the craftsmanship. We visit the factory twice a year, and each time it's a happy reunion. Despite considerable language difficulties, we always get the job done, and our dream designs are made possible. Backed by many years’ experience and a great love of knits, they take care of all assignments, large or small.  

We have been working with this small factory since 2016. Generally speaking, we only work with RWS yarns at this factory. Because of limited capacity at the factory, it has not been possible to have this factory certified.