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Lightweight, soft and seamless. That’s what you get with our seamless Gudrun Hipster. The soft stretch fabric is comfortable to wear, and you can stretch and bend freely and without constraint. Perfect for everyday life and on days when you’re just glad not to feel constrained, as well as for soft sports. 


Size guide

Half waist: 31,50 cm
Half waist: 33,50 cm
 How to measure


Transparent production

One of our business partners in Turkey is located in Istanbul. This factory is one of our more recent collaboration partners. The need for a new partner arose because of our recent production of active wear and seamless designs. The factory specialises in exactly this type of production. The factory is family owned and has more than 23 years’ experience.  

We welcome this business relationship, which, in just a short space of time, has already blossomed into a close partnership.