Designed to follow you - Soft movement

Lena is made in a soft, ribbed modal blend that lets your skin breathe. The seamless design gives you just the support you need for your every move. Wear them with the Lifa yoga top or a tee shirt for relaxing at home or for yoga.

The leggings have a unique tie-dye pattern – no two are the same. Tie dye is an ancient technique, done by hand. Each pair of leggings are rolled and held in place with elastic bands, and then dipped in a bath of dye. As a result, each pair of leggings sports a unique, individual pattern. Because of the tie dye technique, differences in the pattern are to be expected.

The “Vintage White” colourway is slightly transparent in tied areas that pick up less dye. 



Transparent production

One of our business partners in Turkey is located in Istanbul. This factory is one of our more recent collaboration partners. The need for a new partner arose because of our recent production of active wear and seamless designs. The factory specialises in exactly this type of production. The factory is family owned and has more than 23 years’ experience.  

We welcome this business relationship, which, in just a short space of time, has already blossomed into a close partnership.