Designed to follow you - Casual & Easy

Lise is a soft skirt made of 100% organic twill-woven cotton. This skirt is easy to wear, with its cross pockets, loose fit, elasticated waist and button front. It can be teamed with one of our soft basic tops or one of our fine blouses.  The fabric is produced in Tirupur and the items are sewn by our partner in Delhi. 


Size guide

Half waist: 56 cm
Length: 66 cm
Half waist58 cm
Length: 67 cm
Half waist60 cm
Length68 cm
Half waist62 cm
Length69 cm
Half waist64 cm
Length70 cm
 How to measure


Transparent production

We produce all our fabrics in Tirupur, southern India. Then they are transported up to Delhi to be sewn at an Indian factory with which we have been working very closely since 2013. Located in Delhi, this family-owned factory has been operating for more than 25 years. Over the years we have come to identify strongly with India and our business partners. We have a strong passion for the country, and we respect their diversity and their professional skills.

We visit the factory once or twice a year and always very much look forward to these visits.