Designed to follow you - Time to rest

Sima is a pair of soft pyjama shorts made of 100% organic dobby-woven cotton. These pyjama shorts have cross pockets, and are loose-fitting with a straight cut and a tie-string at the waist. They can be combined with one of our soft basic tops as great nightwear that is pleasant to sleep in, or just worn as shorts for a casual summer outfit. The fabric is produced in Tirupur and the garments are stitched by our partner in Delhi. 


Size guide

Half waist: 36 cm
Leg length (from crouch): 10 cm
Half waist38 cm
Leg length (from crouch): 11 cm
Half waist40 cm
Leg length (from crouch)12 cm
Half waist42 cm
Leg length (from crouch): 13 cm
Half waist44 cm
Leg length (from crouch)14 cm



Transparent production

Our partner in southern India is located in Tirupur, an area that’s particularly well-known for its cotton and jersey fabric production. The factory is family-owned with more than 55 years’ experience and specialises in fabrics. Today, the factory is managed by the second generation, a young family who are innovative and trained in the US, so they have a Western mindset and understand our stringent quality requirements. All fabrics used for GAI+LISVA production in India are woven at this plant. This ensures consistently high quality for all our products from India. The family also runs a cocoa and coconut farm and produces high-quality chocolate.

We visit the factory once or twice a year.