Founders favourite

Onesize knitwear with a multifunctional feel

In the 90’s, our love for onesize sweaters was founded. Onesize sweaters bring forward good memories – and is a classic style, when you want to bring out a feminine figure.
Back then we wore our big sweaters with tight leggings, and we still do, but now we also pair them with long flowing skirts or figure-hugging jeans for work, throw them over yoga wear for working out and loungewear, when relaxing at home. Slender wrists that peek out at the end of a flowing sleeve is incredibly elegant, especially if you add a beautiful bracelet. 
Certain pieces of clothing are hard to let go even when they’re worn down. You look for a replacement and couldn’t be happier if you finally succeed. That is how we feel about big loose sweaters – and now you have the opportunity to replace yours with one of GAI+LISVA’s beautiful one-size knits – or join the trend. 
At GAI+LISVA our one-size sweaters are produced in RWS certified merino wool, that is both Wool Mark and oeko-tex certified. They’re available in several beautiful colors so you can choose the one that fits your wardrobe the best. 
Bettina & Malene
Founders GAI+LISVA


When big and loose is the only size that works


Felina is a stylish loose-fitting sweater made from 100 % Wollmark certified merino wool it sports a V-neck. Felina is available in one size that fits all and four flattering colors: charming charcoal, sassy salt/pepper, a wonderful warm tobacco and a classic medium grey. Whichever color you choose it will bring you into fall in style. 


Charlotte knit cardigan 



In need of that elegant cardigan to wear over all your favorite styles? Charlotte Knit Cardigan might be the perfect choice for you. This beautiful cardigan is equally suitable for chilly summer evenings or fall days and it looks stylish all winter when worn over a pretty dress. It comes in Off White and Stone Grey.


Martina knit 

Martina Knit is the perfect pullover for both jeans, leggings and over a light summer dress on a shady day. The exclusive alpaca wool mix and the slightly extended back keeps you warm even on the coldest winter days, while side slots add a light touch to the sweater’s chunky oversize look. Martina Knit is available in three beautiful natural colors that will fit into any wardrobe. 

Lis cardigan

Lis is a wonderful open cardigan in a loose fit. It is made from 100 % Woolmark certified merino wool. With a V-neck, it is perfect for that casual summertime vibe. Lis is available in one size that fits all and two beautiful tones of grey, a light and a dark, which goes with any outfit. A comfortably soft and versatile sweater that is perfect for the end of summer. 

Soft leggings


Tano leggings

Tano leggings have a high waist and a tight fit. They’re made from an Italian wool mix and follow your shape when you move. The style is perfect for the calm everyday moments. Tano leggings can be styled with our basic blouses and oversized knits for a casual, yet elegant look.

Lena leggings

Lena Leggings will make your legs look endless and let you enjoy a feeling of incredible comfort. Made with a ribbed viscose blend that lets your skin breath and a unique seamless design, Lena Leggings gives you just the support you need for your every move. Use them for work, at home or for yoga. Either way, you’ll look fantastic!