Founders Favourites! Timeless and irreplaceable styles for all occasions for all times

It is no secret that we truly love each and every one of our styles because they are created with care, thoughtfulness and not least passion and love. But some will always mean something special to us. One of them is our absolutely stunning Lena Leggings, which both of us use day in and day out: at the office with an oversize shirt and raw bootlets, with large hiking boots and a chunky knit for gardening and just for lounging at home with an Amalie Top and a soft cardigan. Finally, with its unique viscose blend and seamless design, Lena Leggings provides just the right gentle support for yoga and soft sports. Unlike many leggings, Lena Leggings are warm and ultra-comfortable, while giving your legs length and letting your body breath freely. Our favourite leggings are available both in dusty grayish blue and with a super cool tie dye print.
In addition to Lena Leggings, we have also collected a few other styles that we have literally moved into and never get tired of: our crisp Shanta Shirt, our perfectly soft knit Martina for our indispensable bestseller Amalie Top. All styles that can be mixed and matched in a myriad of ways, bringing new life to all other styles in your wardrobe for many years to come.
/Malene & Bettina


Lena Leggings will make your legs look endless and let you enjoy a feeling of incredible comfort. Made with a ribbed viscose blend that lets your skin breath and a unique seamless design, Lena Leggings gives you just the support you need for your every move. 


Choose between Lena solid and Lena Tie Dye. 





Shanta Shirt - your perfect partner in crime for long days at work, formal gatherings, lounging at home and for the wine bar with your friends. Providing you with endless styling possibilities and unbeatable comfort, the shirt is your save on days when you have nothing to wear. The classic look, loose fit and breathable organic cotton, will make you feel right at home no matter where you go.






Our basic Amalie Top made of quality wool that will last and last is a favourite and a classic, and for very good reason! With its long sleeves and fine, lightweight, durable wool, this top wrap you in soft warmth, while the fine, breathable wool gives you unforgettable comfort. The Amalie Top has a pretty boat neck for an elegant peek at your décolleté, giving you a feminine, effortless look and enveloping you in everyday luxury and loving self-care.




Martina Knit is the perfect sweater for both jeans, leggings and over a light summer dress on a shady day. The exclusive alpaca wool mix and the slightly extended back will keep you warm even on the coldest winter days. The side slots add a nice lightness to the sweater despite the chunky oversize look. Martina Knit is available in three beautiful natural colours that will fit into any wardrobe.