Take care of your favourite styles with gentle laundry, and fall in love with them again and again


Gai+Lisva is Nordic fashion for you, to whom it’s crucial where your beautiful styles come from, what materials they are made with and how they are produced. We strive to create sustainable fashion with classic styles and timeless fits that never goes out of fashion and that will forever give you an infinitely soft sense of everyday luxury. Embrace the spring and choose Thora, Tove or Ragnhild – some of our beautifully airy styles in organic cotton that lets in the special feel of spring. Or use Celia or Laura – some of our most popular basics in the softest organic cotton that will keep you warm in the clear spring air.





Celia & Laura 

Styles in delicate, organic cotton feels like a loving soft hug that allows your skin to breathe

Gentle laundry  

In order for you to look after your favourite styles and your basic essentials and use them over and over again, it is important that you know how to protect your clothes as much as possible when washing it. That is why we have entered into a partnership with Klar – a brand behind a series of sustainable and natural washing liquids that gently wash your clothes without the use of chemistry for a greener everyday life. For you who wish to keep your clothes as long as possible, Klar has developed a unique washing guide.



Klar manifest 

For a green future