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Rigmor knit

I love everything about this piece of knitwear; the pattern and quality of the yarn, and the fact that it is fair trade and hand knitted. I’m sure that I will live in it all winter long, and when summer comes, I’ll use it as a jacket on chilly summer evenings.

Amalie top

Amalie is one of my absolute favorites and I already have it in several colors, but really need one in grey. I use them both when I relax at home or take a calm yoga class, but mostly as part of my everyday closet for work. I feel feminine, when I wear it, and it is so soft and comfortable that I love to wear it all day long. 

Charlotte cardigan

I'm also going to wear Charlotte all year. Especially on office days over a shirt or a pretty blouse, but also as an extra layer for yin yoga or obviously my favored relaxed weekend look. The color works perfectly all year round. 

Bjørg top

It is so elegant in all its simplicity. Especially the quality, which is a very soft, light cotton twill, which I think is very feminine and delicate, but still very useful and not too ‘pretty’. This way, it can for be both be a festive top for festive occasions as well as a just a nice top under a cardigan all year round. 

Celia top

Celia is also high up on my wish list, in both black and white, as it is just so useful for many occasions. This is the cotton blouse I want to wear for almost everything, so the fact that it can be washed and worn over and over again is also great.  

Laura top

I wear undershirts quite a lot and all year round. Laura has a fine, simple hole pattern which I love. It can easily be worn alone without any layering piece, but it is also just really great to sleep or relax in at home. 

Savita pants

I could really use a new pair of pyjamas pants, which I can also use as a casual pair of pants in the summer with a little roll up in the hem. During winter, I would wear it at home with a Celia/Laura and the Charlotte cardigan as an extra layer. 

Freyja knit

Freyja is soft and lovely with the elegant simple hole pattern and fine metal buttons. I love that it can be worn as both an elegant item, as well as casual in my wardrobe.