Make your winter white

Match your lounge wear with casual styles to get that perfect winter wardrobe that is as ideal at the home office as when you leave the house. The colours this winter are nougat and grey mélange, light colours that bring out the winter white in your wardrobe, whether we will get snow this year or not. 
With our new merino styles, you can be sure to have a warm and beautiful winter in casual style. The merino styles are a perfect partner for both your yoga wear and styles from your closet. Perfect when you need warmth and caring nurture for your senses in the cold and dark wintertime. 
Our new merino styles are knitted in merino wool that meets the requirements of RWS, as well as both Wool Mark Certification and Oeko-Tex Certification. RWS stands for Responsible Wool Standard (CU 853472) – an independent, voluntary standard ensuring that wool from certified farms is properly identified and tracked through all processing stages. The goal of RWS is to protect the sheep that supply the wool and the land on which they graze.
Take Care!
Bettina og Malene
Founders, GAI+LISVA


Tilde is our beautiful blouse in 100 % merino wool and is RWS certified. A loose-fitting knit with a feminine pattern at the front and shoulders. A simple, clean and mild-looking style that will feel like a gentle and warm hug.

Petra Bukser

Petra is a pair of pants in 100 % merino wool and is RWS certified. Timeless, slightly loose fitting and with lightweight comfort. A style that can be combined and used for different occasions, which makes Petra easy to return to again and again. Petra has ties in the waist and will add softness and elegance to your outfit.


Zenia is a knit dress that is both wonderful to wear and gives you the perfect look for work or dinner with friends. It is made from the softest merino wool, which is airy and warm at the same time. The dress falls beautifully around your body and allows you to move. The ideal winter dress!




Stine is an elegant, open cardigan you can wear over all your favorite styles – perfect for colder days where you are in need for that little extra to warm you. The beautiful knit cardigan is long, made in 100% merino wool, and has a feminine tie in the waist that will enhance any figure beautifully. A timeless style that will add elegance to your outfit.


Lights are our favorite part of Christmas celebrations and this year you can light the most wonderful locally made candles. Never before have we had so much need to stay cozy and cheerful at home, so celebrate the season in the beautiful soft light of our hand-dipped candles, while staying home and safe. 
We have created the candles in collaboration with one of Denmark’s oldest candle foundries, Denmark. They are made from specially chosen materials using the old traditions of the craft. 
Create your own warm and cozy Christmas traditions with gorgeous knit and candles.