Manifest your dreams

When we put our thoughts and dreams on paper, they often become more specific and thus easier for us to realise. We live in a crazy time where our everyday life is turned upside down. Most of us long for the old 'normal', but while we wait for that to (hopefully soon) come back, we can use the time for reflection.

What are we really dreaming about? Are we living the life we ​wish for? Are we missing something? Is there anything we would like to change? 
Do you know the exercise where you each morning write down three intentions for the day? Maybe they are linked to a dream you have, which you thus get a little closer to, day by day. With this exercise, you also put good energy into the day from the start. 
You can also do the exercise where each night you write down three things you have been grateful for during the day. It helps us to think positively and focus on what makes us happy. 
We want everyone's dreams to come true. Therefore, we're sending a free limited edition notebook with every order over 70 EUR, so you can put down your thoughts and dreams on paper and hopefully get a little closer to making them come true. The offer is valid until February 15, 2021. 
Take Care! 
Bettina og Malene, Founders, GAI+LISVA   

*The offer is valid until February 15, 2021 or as long as stock lasts. The notebook is automatically attached to your order.

Soft favorites you can move freely in 

Lena leggings

With a unique viscose blend and a specially developed seamless design, these leggings let your skin breathe freely while it’s also supporting your body.  



A unique mix of wool, viscose and elastane is what enables the ultra-thin, stretchable and soft feel of our beautiful long-sleeved tee Agnete. With a classic and comfortable fit, this tee will accentuate your figure and discreetly give you warmth and support while wearing it under a sweat or a shirt. Available in a number of colours and with or without classic stripes, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Agnete is available in 22 beautiful colours. 


Lifa yoga top

A wonderful and comfortable seamless yoga crop top that shapes and supports your breast during any activity. The top is made in a unique viscose blend which let your skin breath and your body move freely.   


With a feminine neckline and an elegant fit, this top will suite your figure beautifully while keeping you warm all day with its light, soft wool. It is not without reason this top is our bestselling piece. 

Amalie is available in 21 feminine colours.


Create nice and cosy settings


Create a nice and cosy setting with our pillar candles and handdipped candles which are available in different colors and different sizes. All our candles are made from fully refined paraffin that is approved for consumption and eco-tex 100-certified cotton wicks.