Meet our head designer and her favourite pieces

Louise Henriksen is Head of Design here at GAI+LISVA. With a love of comfort and feminine simplicity in clothing as well as in everyday life, she is sharing some of her favourite pieces with us today:

“Having lived and worked in the fast lane of the fashion industry with trends and lots of collections on repeat nonstop, then you eventually reach a point where enough is enough, and where passion, life style and your wardrobe are being narrowed down to a very few things. Simplified to how you want to feel, live and look, and cut to the core of what your clothing needs actually are. To me, essentials, comfort, softness, feminine detailing and silhouettes, simplicity and multifunctionality have thus become my mantras when designing for GAI+LISVA, just as sustainability is one of them, too." 

Louise - Head of Design



I love Fermi because it is super soft, comfy, feminine and beautiful – all at once. A bit transparent, yes, but on a lovely summer day it does not matter, I think, if you wear nice, well-fitting and comfortable underwear under. And for the rest of the year Fermi is beautiful under a knit or shirt as a layering piece; thin enough not to make layering too hot, but also warm enough to make me feel warm and soft. This is for me some of the most important things when I choose and design clothing.  

Fermi was one of the first styles at GAI+LISVA I felt in love with – even before I started to work here. I was searching for luxurious essentials there were both beautiful, feminine, long-lasting and a more sustainable choice. Since that time, Fermi is now one of my most beloved styles in my wardrobe – a  part of me, you can say. Not least because essentials are something I use every single day.





When you live in Denmark or another Nordic country, your wardrobe quickly becomes very practical due to our changing seasons and cold weather. Summer is my favourite time of the year where I can walk around in sandals, dresses and generally have a more feminine look. Therefore, I have always felt it a bit challenging to maintain the same comfort and feminine feeling inside and out for the rest of the year. With that in mind, I have designed the dress Mathilde, which is both feminine, super comfortable and can be both elegant and casual depending on styling and occasion. Mathilde is made in organic cotton, which is also one out of many reasons it will become one of my favourite dresses for all seasons.  




Also, Cardigans have always been a fixture in my wardrobe because, like essentials, they are perfect for all seasons. In the Summer over a nice strap top, and for the Autumn / Winter season over my Fermi tops. I love Freyja because it has a simple and delicate hole pattern that is both feminine and timeless and made in the softest alpaca wool. I use it for many occasions; at work, for relaxing moments at home and in the beginning and the end of a calm yoga class as an extra layer to keep me warm.  


Sneak peek SS21 – merino dress

Speaking of favourite dresses for the whole year, I am looking forward to wearing this dress made of fine, ecotex merino wool. I think it has such a beautiful silhouette that enhances many bodies and is just the kind of dress you can wear for any occasion during the day.