Reuse, Rethink and Rewear

There is a very special kind of nurture in rethinking how we use the resources around us.

At GAI+LISVA we take pride in creating design that is not only timeless, but also durable and complementing who you are. At the same time, we strive to create designs, that do not put unnecessary stresses on our world, which is why we are so proud that many of our products are made in reused materials. Our polyamid yoga styles and our tencel basic styles are created of left over cuttings from other productions. Our cashmere styles are made out of old garments that has been recycled and reused. It makes a huge difference to rethink productions processes. When you wrap yourself in these styles, you do not only do it with care for yourself, but also for the world around you.

Recycled polyamid 

The elegantly comforting top with beautifully criss cross straps is not only perfect for everyday life and soft sports, but also carries an attitude towards the world around us. Sukha is created in 100 % recycled polyamid.

Give your yoga a sustainable makeover with Shanti leggings. Made in 100 % recycled polyamid. The unique seamless design, high waisted fit and rib details allows you to stretch more than ever. Wear them with heels and a blazer for an evening out for a luxuriously fitted look.

Recycled cashmere 

The classic knitted Ellia tee is made in reused cashmere and comes in three lovely, natural colours. Our supplier sources used cashmere, and expertly turns it into new, lovely garments, that have a natural fit in our wardrobe. Ellia is not only softer than soft, but also beautiful and forever stylish.
Elisabeth is another example of how beautiful styles can result from rethinking and reusing. The finest cashmere has been collected and respun into soft threads and turned into a signature Gai+Lisva design. Elisabeth is the knit you´ll wear all year, and which carries the unique abilities of cashmere to regulate heat and cold.

Recycled tencel 

Lykke & Birgit are made with 60 % recycled Tencel, which is considered to be the most sustainable material.
This is the slip, the long top or the dress, that will tie your wardrobe together summer and winter. It is slightly fitted, and worn as a slip it will make your dress fall beautifully. It is even made from the softest material, and might moonlight as a nightie, while made in 60 % repurposed Tencel, which is considered to be the most sustainable material. This is fashion made with care.
With slightly wider straps and a figure-hugging shape, Birgit in the softest quality is your go-to top. It rests elegantly on the body and will give you as much joy when practising yoga as when you wear it for a night out. The soft top is even made with 60 % recycled Tencel.