RWS is short for Responsible Wool Standard, which is a certification brands can achieve when meeting high standards within product traceability as well as animal welfare and environmental conditions. The certification is a guarantee that our products are made from wool that comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land. It is also a guarantee that the sheep have
been treated responsibly and according to high standards.

Certified by ECOCERT license no.: 



We use recycled fabrics and leftover materials as far as possible.

Among others we use recycled polyamide and recycled cashmere.

Recycled polyamide

Several of our activewear designs are made of recycled polyamide. The fibres are made of left-over fabrics called Q-NOVA. Q-NOVA is produced by our Italian supplier and the fabric lives up to the Global Recycled Standard and the EU Ecolabel. The result is durable and breathable designs, that are comfortable to wear.  

Recycled cashmere 

Our beautiful cashmere designs are made of recycled cashmere. Our production partner in Italy has 21 years of experience in recycling cashmere. The factory’s primary skill is to recycle secondhand cashmere designs and accessories, and then turn them into new cashmere yarns.

Our production partner is GRS certified, which means the production aligns with environmental and social criteria throughout the entire production process.