To take it easy. To find one’s inner calm. To live slowly.


It is a very special blissful feeling to be soft and calm inside and out. To be fully present to enjoy and experience life wherever you are. Some days it is just easier than others to find that calm state of being, right?

To us, SLOW LIVING is the intention to prioritize this in everyday life. Not only during the weekend, or when we finally can take time off for holiday, or not only after you have done this or done that (you surely know the drill in your own mind).


We approach SLOW LIVING in many ways, yet there are two things especially that are important to us: wearing comfortable clothes and listening to lovely music. Both help us to feel at ease and to be who we are – from moment to moment. Perhaps you know this, too?

The sound of GAI+LISVA


We have worked on it for some time now. But COVID-19 put things in perspective for us: how much we listen to and use music to support, please and inspire us in everyday life. This is why we are very proud to welcome you to our brand new sound universe: GAI+LISVA on Spotify.


In the following weeks and time ahead we will introduce new playlists that can bring you and us lovely moments in the day. We will also launch competitions that, among others, will invite you to inspire us with new tunes and then with the possibility of winning some of our lovely clothes. So stay tuned on our Instagram @gai.lisva, as well as on Spotify where you can follow our profile so you won’t miss out on new music that is the soundtrack to our universe.


Today we are launching two playlists that are very special to us in terms of living life slowly and finding our inner calm.


So lean back, breathe and take a listen whenever you think that these playlists might enrich your day (or evening or sleep)


Slow living by GAI+LISVA

A curated playlist for slow living by GAI+LISVA. Dwell in soft tunes and find your sense of calm. Perfect for a lazy Sunday, hygge or just sweet, slow moments in your day.


A set of instrumental, modern tunes created to calm body and mind by GAI+LISVA. It is intended for stillness, deep breathing and just being. Perfect for morning/evening meditation and very peaceful kinds of yoga.

Slow living wear

Home is where you can take up space, breathe deeply and above all, not compromising on your wellbeing. Make your home time a unique space for letting go of time and forget about the rush of daily life and allow yourself to just be. Make sure to dress comfortably in the softest slow wear that helps you to breathe, move freely and to wear clothing that beautifully highlights your femininity with elegance and softness.