Sustainable choices = organic and recycled materials


As a consumer you make a choice each time you add a new piece to your wardrobe. At least some people put it that way, since demand and supply are defining factors, when small and large companies decide how to produce their goods. 
When you buy Gai+Lisva you make a sustainable choice. We care about a gorgeous design as well as social sustainability and methods of production that protect the environment. This is the reason why many of our styles are made from either organically produced natural materials or sustainably recycled materials. 
The design is obviously a top priority – otherwise we wouldn’t actually wear the styles and then it wouldn’t matter how they were produced. We guarantee that both looks and comfort are in place – along with sustainability. The following styles are all made form organic cotton or made from recycled materials that live up to Global Recycled Standard. 

Take Care!
Bettina og Malene - Founders, GAI+LISVA 


Sustainable styles that make you look fabulous

Recycled polyamid

Shanti Leggings

Make your yoga sustainable with a beautiful pair of Shanti Leggings made of 100 % recycled polyamid. The unique seamless design, high waisted fit and rib details allow you to stretch more than ever before while the leggings follow and support your every move. Our recycled polyamid is created by 100 % leftover fabrics. The fabric is called Q-NOVA and is an Italian material that meets among other the Global Recycled Standard. Reusing polyamid in our yoga clothing will not only help keep plastic out of the oceans but also save natural resources.

Sukha Top

In need of that perfect supporting top – for yoga and for everyday life? Sukha Top is your comfy bra for days with no room for distractions. Wear the sophisticated top with its thin sculptural straps all day and all through your yoga practice. Made in 100 % recycled polyamid, Sukha Top is your sustainable choice when shopping for a yoga top.


Recycled cashmere

Elisabeth cashmere blouse

Elisabeth is another example of how beautiful styles can result from rethinking and reusing. The finest cashmere has been collected and respun into soft threads and turned into a signature GAI+LISVA design. Elisabeth is the knit you’ll wear all year, and which carries the unique abilities of cashmere to regulate heat and cold. Our recycled cashmere from Italy is made by our supplier that sources used cashmere and expertly turns it into new, lovely garments that have a natural fit in our wardrobe and with a reduced environmental impact.


Ellia cashmere blouse

The classic knitted Ellia tee is made in reused cashmere and comes in lovely, natural colours. Our supplier sources used cashmere, and expertly turns it into new, lovely garments, that have a natural fit in our wardrobe. Ellia is not only softer than soft, but also beautiful and forever stylish. The tee has a slightly loose fitting with lightweight comfort and rib-knitted details. A style that can be combined and used for different occasions, which makes Ellia easy to return to again and again.


Organic cotton

Merle bag

Merle Bag is a great canvas tote bag with an inner pocket that is ideal as an informal everyday bag, when you need to bring your yoga clothes to work or when you have done your grocery shopping on the way home. It is made from 100% organic cotton and has our new gorgeous logo printed on the front. 

Shanta shirt

Shanta Shirt provides you with endless styling possibilities and unbeatable comfort. This shirt is your go-to on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear. The classic look, loose fit and breathable organic cotton, will make you feel right at home no matter where you go. Shanta is Organic Cotton labelled, which means this style is made of organic cotton. The organic cotton farms do not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in the process. Therefore, Organic cotton is cotton that is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards that benefit the environment and promote a good quality of life for all involved.

Celia top

Need a hug? Then Celia Top is destined to be yours. Let your upper body be embraced by the 100% organic cotton and the soft and subtle texture that makes Celia Top perfect for almost every outfit – and for yoga too. The long sleeves with cute lettuce edges will keep you warm while looking your best. Available in both black and white. 


Laura top

Make our Laura top one of your wardrobe essentials for everyday use and for yoga. The soft high-quality organic cotton, beautiful thin straps and the tight fit will caress your skin and let it breathe even though you’re wearing multiple layers over it. Laura top is available in both black and white and is one of our timeless pieces from our Essentials Collection that never goes out of style. 


RWS-certified Merino Wool

Tilde blouse

Tilde is our beautiful blouse in 100% merino wool and is RWS certified. A loose-fitting knit with a feminine pattern at front and shoulders. Tilde is knitted in merino wool which meets the requirements of RWS. This means that the wool comes from non-mulesed sheep and is certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard – an independent, voluntary standard ensuring that wool from certified farms is properly identified and tracked through all processing stages. The goal of RWS is to protect the sheep that supply the wool and the land on which they graze.


Zenia dress

Zenia is a knit dress that is both wonderful to wear and gives you the perfect look for work or dinner with friends. It is made from the softest merino wool, which is airy and warm at the same time. The dress falls beautifully around your body and allows you to move. The ideal winter dress. Zenia is knitted in merino wool which meets the requirements of RWS.