The Amalie Top – best seller and a personal favorite

The Amalie Top is one of our personal favorites, but we’re not the only ones with a crush on the wonderfully soft top with the flattering boat neck. Amalie is one of our bestsellers at GAI+LISVA and we understand why. It can be styled in innumerable ways and is marvelously easy to wear.
Let the collar of your shirt peek out when you wear the top at work or use Amalie as a t-shirt to enhance your figure in a classic yet feminine way. Amalie is ideal on top of your workout clothes when you’re headed out the door with a yoga mat under your arm. Or wear it with nothing but a thin chemise underneath, when you want your outfit to have an exclusive look.
Whichever way you style it, our Amalie Top will keep you warm. It is made from a wonderfully soft wool, has a flattering fit and a feminine boat neck that elegantly shows your collarbone. The shapely fit combined with the natural elasticity of wool make sure that the top allows you to move easily, whether you’re running from one meeting to the next at work, making your way between tables at the restaurant du jour or doing downward facing dog at your favorite yoga Shala. We promise you that you’ll thank yourself for Amalie, as soon as you’ve let her into your wardrobe.
Take Care!
Bettina og Malene, Founders, GAI+LISVA

Which Amalie do you prefer?

You know those pieces of clothing that begin as a basic – perfect for styling with everything in your closet – but ends up as an irreplaceable essential? That is exactly what our bestselling top Amalie will become once you’ve tried it on.
Amalie comes in a wide variety of models, so you can choose the one that is just right for you. There are classic off white ones that go with everything and are wonderful as a basic layer when winter comes along and demands a bit of extra clothing. A black one is versatile, and grey or brown are perfect for fall.
Amalie also comes in stripes in several combinations of colors. The most difficult thing is to choose. Once you’ve let Amalie into your closet, you’ll never again have to agonize over what to wear.