The sound of Autumn

Autumn is the scent of apples and wet forest floor, flushed cheeks when a fire is lit and the sound of footsteps through fallen leaves – and we’ve put together a playlist that puts you in that wonderful mellow fall mood, even when you can’t make it to a forest to see the changing of the leaves. Allow yourself a moment of calm with the GAI+LISVA playlist.
In last week’s journal we introduced you to Louise Henriksen, who is chief designer at GAI+LISVA. Louise is not only the woman behind the look of our clothes but is also the architect behind our evocative playlist. Let the GAI+LISVA playlist set the atmosphere when you entertain and put you in an authentic and magical autumn mood when you cook or go for a walk. Read more about our designer in our journal "MEET OUR HEADDESIGNER".

Which song is your favorite?