Music is some of the things that can make us feel the most. You can find music to every any mood and to any occasion in life. We have created a couple of playlists to identify the season, feelings and relaxation. Take a listen!












Breathe in and feel the Nordic sense of being. 

Breathe in and feel the salty air from the coastline in your lungs.

Just breathe. Just be who you are.

Find your sense of calm and dive further into the lifestyle that is GAI+LISVA’s heartbeat: sensuous, simple, Nordic, natural and calm. We design to bring you a step further towards that feeling, to make you feel at home in your body and in your styling choices. We create simplicity and elegance in each and every single style, connecting work wear and home wear, gym wear and office attire. Because at the end, the only thing that matters to us is you. 



It began with a beautiful old mansion in Aarhus Denmark with the name LISVA: A building with classic details and style reminiscent of former greatness. And with the styling choices of our grandmother whose sense of simplicity and charm is still present in every choice we make. From there our classic styles developed, and they have been with us since – as true simplicity never grows out of style, and our collection of classics from the best t-shirts to the softest underwear gives you the freedom to be at ease with yourself.



We choose our materials with the utmost care: linen, cotton and recycled qualities soft to the touch and made to last. Re-purposed yarns and recycled cashmere from small North Italian productions. Hand knitted sweaters made by women in Bolivia from local yarns in small bulks, organic cotton and styles made to use up the last pieces of fabric in every production. Yoga wear made from plastic and turned into breathable soft fibers that supports your movements. 

We know we are not yet perfect. Instead, we strive to do even better, to combine quality with a consciousness in knowing that every piece of fabric, every ball of yarn, is of value and should be cherished.


Yoga wear

Stretch your body and calm your soul. Find your flow and stay in the moment. Accept everything that is you, is exactly as it should be. And while the journey is yours, we provide you with the best possible support to get you there, creating yoga wear that makes you feel at ease. Our yoga wear transcends this one purpose and can support you just as easily during daytime as well as for those much-needed searches for your own sense of calm.