Ready for a weekend get away 

The sun comes out more and more these days and as restrictions are slowly lifted, we are in the mood for a little weekend getaway. Whether we are going to the beach house or visit a different part of the country, we always pack the bags with our favourites to make the trip both comfortable and well-dressed at the same time.  

We also make sure to bring a few snacks and something nice to drink, to make the journey there as good of an experience as the stay. If we go by car, we put on a beloved playlist or an interesting audiobook. And we often make a small itinerary even when we are just away for the night. Perhaps somewhere we want to visit near where we are staying. Or a book we want to read, a film we have been looking forward to watching. That way the getaway begins even before we have left home and all we have to do is enjoy. Enjoy the trip! 

Take Care 
Bettina & Malene
Founders, GAI+LISVA


Friends for the road 

Washbag, large & small

Quilted wash bag in 100% organic cotton with polyester lining inside. It contains small pockets and has a zipper closure. The Weekend Wash Bag has the perfect size to carry along for your vacation or weekend get-away, while the smaller model is perfect in your everyday life when you want to organize your products, bring a makeup-kit to work or is going away for a single night. 


Sanja is an elegant robe made from 100 % organic cotton, which is made in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. Sanja is soft and light weighted and has a feminine tie in the waist that will enhance any figure beautifully. Sanja is perfect together with one of our lovely basic tops and Savita pants as loungewear for the days you need calm and cosy moments at homes.