Welcome spring in layers

Dress in layers on warm days. The sun has more power now, early spring flowers are peeking out and the birds have started singing again. Spring is on its way! It is time to introduce a few spring styles into your winter wardrobe. When you dress in layers it is easier to keep warm and adjust your outfit to go with the rising temperatures throughout the day. 
Wear a thin woolen layer closest to your body. Wool is one of nature’s most versatile materials. It keeps you warm, is soft and offers lots of stretch so you can move and feel comfortable, while also transporting excess heat away from the body. Top the inner layer with a knitted sweater or cardigan to hold on to your body’s heat and add just the right look. Wear a jacket on top of it all if needed. Mornings are still cold but soon we will be able to take off the jacket in the afternoon and that makes being well dressed from your inner layer to your outer one a necessity. 
Take Care!
Bettina and Malene
Founders, GAI+LISVA  


Woolen looks that are just right for spring

Amalie Top

Our Amalie Top is one of those basic pieces that always ends up being a favorite. With a feminine boat neck, elegant slim fit, long sleeves and the light and soft wool it will keep you warm and make you beautiful while letting your body move and breath freely.

Coco Top

Classic and timeless, the cool Coco Top will keep you warm all winter long. The ribbed and stretchy material is made from a unique Italian wool mix that hugs your body, helps you stay warm and enhances your figure for a feminine yet relaxed and comfy look.

Tano Leggings

Tano legging has a tight fitting and is made of an Italian wool mix. The style is perfect for the calm everyday moments. Tano leggings can be styled with our basic blouses and oversized knits for a casual, yet elegant look and can be worn as an inner layer on chilly days.


Agnete Top

A unique mix of wool, viscose and elastane is what enables the ultra-thin, stretchable and soft feel of our beautiful long-sleeved tee Agnete. With a classic and comfortable fit, this tee will accentuate your figure and discreetly give you all the warmth and support you need.


Charlotte Cardigan

In need of that elegant cardigan that you can wear over all your favorite styles? Then Charlotte Knit Cardigan is the right choice for you. Made with an exclusive mix of wool, the beautiful, oversized pearl knit cardigan is perfect for colder days or chilly summer nights.


Martina Knit

Martina Knit is the perfect sweater for both jeans, leggings and over a light dress. The exclusive alpaca wool mix and the slightly extended back will keep you warm even on the coldest winter days. The side slits add a nice lightness to the oversize look of the sweater.