Women moving toward a more just future.

Did you know GAI+LISVA is founded and led by women, and our aim is to make GAI+LISVA a tool to create meaningful changes. Throughout our supply chain, we work with many layers.

We work for gender equity. We work to proactively place women at the center, by activating, supporting, and uplifting their role in the journey towards a better future. 

The fashion industry has a big environmental footprint and impact on climate change.

As a company that produces clothing, this is important to consider. That’s why we aim to take both the environment and the reality of women into consideration, as those two things are connected.

The clothing industry is an industry that affects our planet in a not positive way, and which again affects many women’s everyday life to become even more difficult due to the mass production and the climate changes that follow. How is that?

In the upcoming months we will share stories with women who are all part of our supply chain. Women with each their own story – women who each day work with textiles but each in a different way and each with their own story to tell.

One story, that has touched us deeply, will be based on an interview with The Or and their co-founder Liz Ricketts.

The Or is a charity that has been operating in the USA and Ghana since 2011. The Or’s mission is to identify and manifest alternatives to the current model of fashion.

Soon we will share more information about The Or and their co-founder Liz Ricketts. Meanwhile take a look at https://theor.org for more information about The Or.

"GAI+LISVA is designed with respect and thoughtfulness. For and by women."

Photos are provided by The Or viatheor.org