Feel at home with GAI+LISVA

We have just received some wonderful new items from our Living collection: soft beauties for your home. The series of soft bliss include a gorgeous iPad cover and a pretty tea cozy for your table as well as beautiful pillow covers for your sofa or bed.  

The Living series of soft items helps you create rooms that are entirely your own. GAI+LISVA Living gives you a sense of serenity and balances your senses. 

All products in our Living series are made from leftover fabrics from our main production. 

Take Care 

Bettina & Malene, Founders, GAI+LISVA


News from GAI+LISVA Living: Soft bliss

Pillow covers

A lovely 50 x 50 cm pillow cover for the living room, bedroom, terrace, or wherever you go when are seeking that calm moment. We care about great design as well as social sustainability and methods of production that protect the environment. That is why the pillow cover is made from recycled organic cotton from our previous collections and the pillow filling is made of recycled polyester. The recycled organic cotton gives the pillow cover a unique and soft look in patchwork style, which will make the moments at home yours with its bright and soothing look.  

Tea cozy

Our lovely tea cozy is a soft and warming tea cap that will make sure that your tea will stay nice and warm. The tea cozy is made in 100 % organic cotton, and the inner padding is made of recycled polyester. 

iPad cover

A beautiful cover that can be used for your iPad, as a hood to keep the coffee warm or to keep your papers and writing utensils in order, when you are on the go. The lovely cover is made of 100 % organic cotton, and the inner padding is recycled polyester. We care about great design as well as social sustainability and methods of production that protect the environment - and we love it when our products have more than just one function. 

Hand-dipped candles

Our hand-dipped candles are sold as a set in boxes. The boxes are handmade and produced at one of the only places, where boxes are still made in Denmark. Use the box for knitting needles, stationary or little secrets afterwards. The candles are 34 centimeters long, have a burn time of 12 hours and come in the following colours: Lavender, Sea Green, Sand, Mocca, Grey and Soil Brown.